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flickr annoyances and eel stew

the ego canna take it
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
I couldn't resist buying smoked eel when it turned up at the farmers market. Tonight, I made it into stew. And then I made Damian eat it. First time I've cooked eel, I think. I like it, but it's hard to find.

Work continues to be rather absorbing. It's school placement season and the run-up to Local Democracy Week and the Ofsted aftermath ... any one of which would be pain enough.

Damn, that just triangulated my identity. Well, never mind. I'll brazenly add a photo, too, fruit of my famous obscurity; Grrr!, it was good.

Now I must send you all sequins/comics/plans/hand-made paper/friendly emails/photos/plastic jewels. Yes, yes. Any moment now.

P.S. Cym posted photos. I really like this one.


12th Oct, 2004 03:04 (UTC)
I loved
her suede pencil case that she used as a blotter; I finally got to play with her nibs late on Sat --- she uses a "decro nib" -- with a circlular blob on the end. There's a big pic of one here: https://www.artundgrafik.de/art//images/product-pics/zoom/HL40010.jpg

I might get some to try -- it gives a really smooth, even line -- but you have to draw rather bigger than I usually do ...
12th Oct, 2004 05:29 (UTC)
Re: I loved
Oh yeah, I want... (MMmmm, pens!) I never saw the pencil case/blotter, though. Brill-