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bitter and cold

About 356 people have tried to sell me a cheap rolex today. I expect I'm not the only one. Christmas spam, ugh. Also, the heating is jammed into furnace mode. And then ....

My ex-boss calls me to tell me a colleague's husband died. Sudden illness, hospital, couldn't get him stabilised, gone. Pfft. I mean, I know it happens; I got my first webwhacking job when the person on the project went to the doctors with slight stomach pains one morning and was in emergency surgery by afternoon. That person recovered (though it took a while) but it can so easily go the other way ... I was going to see her for a meeting on Friday. God knows when I'll see her now.

Distractions: NRFB living, andy warhol plush banana 24 inches, dicks with chicks.

For all you fuckers lovely lovely people who've been making me read poetry, here's the Emily Dickinson I use when I'm walking home alone at night.

Split the lark and you ’ll find the music,
Bulb after bulb, in silver rolled,
Scantily dealt to the summer morning,
Saved for your ear when lutes be old.

Loose the flood, you shall find it patent,
Gush after gush, reserved for you;
Scarlet experiment! sceptic Thomas,
Now, do you doubt that your bird was true?


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21st Oct, 2004 09:20 (UTC)
Sweet Jesus! That Warhol banana's freaking me out.
21st Oct, 2004 11:38 (UTC)
I'm sensing a return to the "injecttheentry" thing you were doing a few weeks ago.

And Emily Dickinson rocked.
22nd Oct, 2004 02:21 (UTC)
inject the entry?
explain what you mean, please? ... and then I'll explain why these entries might sound a bit weird.
22nd Oct, 2004 05:26 (UTC)
Re: inject the entry?
You know, your short little entries from Serbia.
It was like getting a distilled shot of JeremySerbiaLJ straight into the bloodstream.
22nd Oct, 2004 05:38 (UTC)
oh ...
well at least I'm going about the txtmsg 150 character limit now. It was a wee bit intense, that.

These are probably a bit terse because they're just strung-together notes collected in a text window -- which means they've had one edit already before they hit the journal.

Plus, I've been in a sort of "brutal summary" mood recently.
22nd Oct, 2004 07:41 (UTC)
Emily Dickinson
Oh yes. I've been dithering over which "complete" to buy for years, now. None of them seem to be quite right. She's one of the poets in The Company of Dead Poets ... she's only in it for two out of ten pages, but makes a solid contribution.
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