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buy gerbils!It's almost a shame to puncture the mystery of this week's strip, but I'm going to do it anyway.

The truth is, I didn't write it. At least, not the text. The text was automatically gererated by e-bay's Google text-ads on Flickr.

Flickr is a photo-posting site, and puts Google's sorted-by-subject text ads on every page, so pictures of toys get toy ads, tech, tech ads and so on. But (initially at least -- it doesn't seem to be happening much any more), before the pictures were indexed, you'd get ads for some wacky term like trampoline or gerbil. Which is how I got to see three adverts for gerbil on e-bay in a row.

Did that ruin the magic? I don't know, maybe ...

Anyway, for anyone startled by the last panel, no, I don't own gerbils. Those are imaginary gerbils, which have significant advantages over the real thing. Speaking of which -- this strip is affectionately dedicated to all those of my friends who chose to live with vermin.

ADDENDUM: I got an enquiry over in theweeklystrip about buying weekly strips. Here's what I said: "yes, you can -- the original artwork is of course black and white (and I have dreadful problems separating myself from my originals, anyway), however you can buy a colourful injet print on sparkly paper for £25 or a colour photocopy of same for £5, postage incl. Size is A4." That goes for pretty much all of the weekly strips -- there are some where originals don't exist as such, but even they tend to have some sort of high(er)-res version available. I should probably FAQ that somewhere. Maybe when more than two people have asked me ...

Mood of google: Jeremy should be on a show or in a magazine or newspaper, instead Jeremy arrived the next day after a grueling series of natural disasters.


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21st Oct, 2004 09:24 (UTC)
Just so long as they're random ads for gerbils not geobbels.
22nd Oct, 2004 02:23 (UTC)
Buy goebbels now!
Name your own price!

... no, you're right. It's not as funny.
21st Oct, 2004 10:03 (UTC)
Hahaha!! This is great. My friend Marcus has a slew of gerbil jokes...most of them involving duct tape...

Ummm....I'm so glad you didn't get any gerbil porn ideas.

22nd Oct, 2004 02:25 (UTC)
naughty, naughty friend.

Although ... I think there might be a teensie echo of the gerbil porn ideas in panel 8 ...

(bad Jeremy, shouldn't dig around in your own subtext)
22nd Oct, 2004 10:13 (UTC)
Re: tsk
Hahaaa. Subtext can be very incriminating.

21st Oct, 2004 11:51 (UTC)
Hey, at least your flickr adds don't try to sell you pickles or honey. After all, I've had ONE picture about the former and TWO about the latter.

Clearly indicative of my BURNING NEED FOR BOTH.
22nd Oct, 2004 02:23 (UTC)
ever since I visited serbia
they've been solidly trying to sell me spyware and hidden cameras.

Do I look like a spy? I can't even tell what I'm doing, most days.
22nd Oct, 2004 18:08 (UTC)
Advantages yes. How is one small creature capable of making so much noise? hahahah, gerbil in a jar

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