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I've looked over and lamented all the other neat stuff I'm missing out on tonight. Printed out a copy of my tasks for tomorrow. Reflected on how bad for my health, weight and overall fitness all this boozing is. Eaten a cornish pasty. I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the beer festival ...

Decisions, decisions; shall I go see Alfie? Reasons to watch it include wit and eyecandy, but the girls will be botoxed buffmonsters of the type I find thoroughly unattractive, and as for the boys, well... not as good-looking as a young Michael Caine, are you, Jude Law? A bit too far into the valley of the uncanny! Oh, but look at the quality reader reviews on the BBC website; "i havent seen it yet but, its jude law he's so goddamned hot could he ever make a mistake. i just wish he were gay so i wouldn't feel so sad that he aint mine!" They never published what I had to say about Kitchen Stories. No Sir.

Do the right thing for this week's picky picky game, chose the new character, open up the plot...
(although I really like this shrimp).

I've been filling in memegen toys again. I mention this only because of the cast list generated for Birds Haunt Me, a cult SF show about psychic powers.

Nerdy but brilliant scientist: thegreenman
Robot/half-alien trying to become human: green_amber
Sexy but brilliant scientist: iruineverything
Version of you from a parallel universe: stylishbastard
Brooding but brilliant scientist: ginger_princess
Hot-headed military/action type: dickon_edwards

Apparently this arresting vision of lab-coat totty with exciting hair and extremely well-dressed effete soldiers has very little chance of ever becoming a true cult hit, because it's "far too commercial". Riiiiiight.


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22nd Oct, 2004 08:35 (UTC)
Apparently Alfie is going to (LOOK AWAY NOW) fall in love with someone and be all converted by the POWr Uf LuRVE, instead of realising that he is an imploding monster caught in a nasty little world of his own making. So, I'm only going to see it because JL is pretty.
GOSH? Ha. If I see green hair in the shop tomorrow, I'll wave enthusiastically. Any legal consequences I'll deal with later.
22nd Oct, 2004 09:27 (UTC)
on the other hand, "imploding monster" may be a little beyong JL's acting skills ...

... you work in Gosh?
25th Oct, 2004 00:56 (UTC)
No, I don't work in Gosh
But I knew I was going to be in there on Saturday with a friend. And I was and I spent money. Woe.
25th Oct, 2004 02:45 (UTC)
mmm, me too.
But, they also paid me money! (and I got the collected My Faith in Frankie, and there's no complaining about that)
22nd Oct, 2004 08:44 (UTC)
Uncanny perhaps
But with a jerk of a neck he can set the music playing...and he has a specialist tool for the ladies. ;-)
22nd Oct, 2004 09:25 (UTC)
Re: Uncanny perhaps
and that automatic hair? It fair curled my toes.
22nd Oct, 2004 12:56 (UTC)
Uncanny Valley
Help, I am experiencing a depreciation in my ability to distinguish between seriousness and parody. Is the 'uncanny valley' a serious scholarly peer-reviewed moustachioed concept or jolly old nonsenseville?
22nd Oct, 2004 17:03 (UTC)
Re: Uncanny Valley
I don't know about peer-reviewed, but it describes something that I see in real life. For example, most baby dolls in toy stores just look like toys, but a few are designed to be extra-realistic, with wrinkles and twitching cheeks, which has the unintended effect of making them loo like dead babies.

The article claims CGI characters have not suffereed from the uncanny valley, but I think it may be a matter of taste.
23rd Oct, 2004 02:37 (UTC)
Re: Uncanny Valley
Nice example, I see what you mean. The horror of the almost but clearly not, real.
23rd Oct, 2004 04:38 (UTC)
tjej points at http://www.spamusement.com/

which seems virtually ready-made for you...
24th Oct, 2004 15:41 (UTC)
new toons since I last looked! Joy!
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