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red boots and incoherent scribblings

red boots
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
I've been uploading boots again. Shoes I photographed at the beer festival, the comics festival, in the street. Not that I'm obsessed or anything. But I do like photographing people's shoes. They're impersonal, yet individual.

Somewhere I have a sheaf of photos of people's shoes taken by my action man camera; standing bolt upright he can just about snap from sole to mid-calf. If I aim him right, which is by no means easy.

wake up! wake up!I had a mind to colour in one of the pictures of John Peel I drew for this week's strip, then I thought I might photograph a lot of halloween crap. Obviously feeling pretty lazy. On the other hand, I had accumulated nine overscrawled nervous-looking rectangular doodles, and surely there would be narrative there if I looked hard enough. Recent mornings I've woken up dreaming, dreaming; rising water and terrifying waves, towns from the time after roads, paths of flattened leafmould between heavy houses overshadowed and warped by trees, and everywhere the smell of autumn and rain. Awkward encounters in sprawling houses full of too many rooms, wild dancing women with curly hair, endless improvising spirals as things go wrong, wrong, wronger. So this week's strip makes dream-sense, not real sense. Mildly apocalyptic in tone, but my dreams are tending that way.

nice pictureConsensus seems to be that Anton stays in his blue outfit* (now even more thoroughly ripped) but that the Harlequin Ninja (dressed for infiltrating sweetshops?) is definitely in the story. The dandy has to be off to see a caterpillar, but Anton seems to be busy chasing girls in strange clothes. Green Riding Hood (Anton's Mum) hasn't been seen for a few panels, and has probably gone home for a cup of tea, and to perhaps see about renting out Anton's room. Fairyland's a cruel and heartless place.

Vote, add a picture, grumble about the lack of continuity and outlines. Hmmm, sparkymark, didn't you promise something for this week?

*Thank goodness, one suit is enough of a pain to be drawing.


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27th Oct, 2004 19:29 (UTC)

I like the words in this week's strip, they should be a song.

(Remind me.)

Your actual song is done, but not done - the recording I made was poor, & have been having technical problems with the remake. But it's on the way.
28th Oct, 2004 07:37 (UTC)
yay! and yay! again! Can't wait to hear it ...

27th Oct, 2004 23:18 (UTC)
Christ, i really need to remember (read:have time) to submit something someday...
28th Oct, 2004 07:38 (UTC)
(adopts begging posture)
oh please please please
15th Nov, 2004 00:12 (UTC)
Re: (adopts begging posture)
28th Oct, 2004 01:57 (UTC)
Apocalyptic Dreams...
I keep having them, too, and they have a weird murky 'atmosphere' like nothing I've ever experienced before. I can only remember very vague fragments, which is probably a blessing.
Max Von Sydow was involved last night, but he couldn't help...
28th Oct, 2004 07:40 (UTC)
Max Von Sydow couldn't help? things must have been grim indeed.

I think all the cross-hatching might be about trying to get to the prickly claustrophobic density of the dreams
28th Oct, 2004 02:18 (UTC)
Yay, Annaboots.
28th Oct, 2004 07:48 (UTC)
did you see
Damian's pictures? They're rather more revealing.
28th Oct, 2004 10:48 (UTC)
I said "one day" I'd photoshop one.
29th Oct, 2004 04:10 (UTC)
today's a day.
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