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Flickr friday

Given thursday's exciting weather, I missed the lunar eclipse in its entirety. Fortunately, Flickr's digital eyes caught the moon blushing red through windows and telescopes, past cranes, trees, and towerblocks, from suprising detail to almost too far away to see. Almost like you were there, except of course that none of the pictures will be from Oxford because it was sheeting it down at the time, and I mean hard. So hard there was no patter of raindrops, just a continuous roar.

While we're looking at pictures, I'm finding the What's in your Bag? group fascinating. The opportunity to rifle through strangers' bags! Without looking like a thief! Or invading privacy! Everything laid out and begging to be looked at, with notes so you never have to ask questions. I finally started keeping a handbag earlier this year, defeated by my necessary minimum kit and the frustration of poking around in bigger bags. But it doesn't look like many of my friends are handbaggers (or manbaggers) as they seem to have been far more interested in the contents of my fridge.

Yesterday, on the bus to Abingdon (where I was getting bored 14-year olds hopped up on jaffa cakes and kit-kats to design a website) we ended up behind a cortege on the Botley roundabout. What sort of a fool puts a personalised numberplate on a hearse? Especially one as grimly prophetic as JO 32?


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29th Oct, 2004 07:12 (UTC)
I feel a bit dirty - rifling through people's handbags. But I like it.
29th Oct, 2004 09:02 (UTC)
My fridge has a whole shelf of just yogurt in its various guises, as my mother refuses to believe that neither me or my sister will ever eat hazelnut yogurt. Or citrus flavour. Or toffee (come on, they're just unnatural). She seems to think we're sure to crack at some point if she just keeps buying it.
30th Oct, 2004 04:24 (UTC)
hazelnut yoghurt
just say no.
29th Oct, 2004 09:20 (UTC)
Nice Moonpix
I just bloody forgot about Thursday. I think it was probably too overcast to see, but I never even tried. Damn, now we don't get another until 2007 or something. I do like a bit of full lunar...
29th Oct, 2004 12:38 (UTC)
Hell's Belles.
Now you need to remind me to to pickpick AND finally find a good excuse for emptying my OCD backpack.
30th Oct, 2004 04:24 (UTC)
try writing it on the back of your hand ;)
29th Oct, 2004 13:09 (UTC)
Ok...that handbag trumps my Monsac...
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