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halloween / Grrr! festival report / farewell nanaimo

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Well, no trick-or-treaters this year. The crack wrappers I find on my doorstep suggest to me that this is not that sort of area any more. So, eat your own halloween candy. No pumpkins or parties, just the pop-pop-pop of other people's fireworks. Celebrate Halloween by reading heavy books (Incubus Dreams, Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell, Ritual Magic) and trying to crush 30 pages of story into 23 pages of comic for no real reason as I won't have the drive to do anything with it when I'm finished.

Oh look, my Report from Grrr! Comics festival has been published.

This morning's walk into work suggests that the problem with the foot may be the shoe.

EDIT: I think it's byebye to nanaimo, who's been sending me progressively shorter and shorter and less and less this last week or so. Goodbye, Spambot of my heart (it replies):

means small
moody avail

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