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bush and badgers

100% pure EVIL
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The pain rolling off my friends list right now -- ouchies! I seem to remember something a bit similar when we voted Margaret Thatcher in for the final time in this country; a mingled bewilderment and disbelief. Who voted for her? And why, for God's sake?* Had everyone claimed they were voting Labour and then, in the booth, suffered an attack of warmongering cronyish I'm-alright-jack pump-up-my-mortage conservatism and suddenly moved their cross?

Could be, could be. But it should be remembered that Thatcher never finished her term; she was persuaded to resign after a series of embarassments. Not sure what level of embarassment it would take to get Bush resigned, though, hasn't he pretty much done it all already?

Poor old Blair. It's not a good position, being sidekick to Mr Invincible.

Here's my election day: does that Mecha Badger look familiar to you?

* celestialweasel points out I'm conflating the 1987 and 1992 elections (won by Margaret Thatcher and John Major respectively, both conservative wins). Thatcher was forced out of office in 1990. Labour gains were expected for both elections, but in 1992 this turned out to be much, much lower than expected. Ah, 1997. Where were you when Portillo went down?

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