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bush and badgers

100% pure EVIL
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
The pain rolling off my friends list right now -- ouchies! I seem to remember something a bit similar when we voted Margaret Thatcher in for the final time in this country; a mingled bewilderment and disbelief. Who voted for her? And why, for God's sake?* Had everyone claimed they were voting Labour and then, in the booth, suffered an attack of warmongering cronyish I'm-alright-jack pump-up-my-mortage conservatism and suddenly moved their cross?

Could be, could be. But it should be remembered that Thatcher never finished her term; she was persuaded to resign after a series of embarassments. Not sure what level of embarassment it would take to get Bush resigned, though, hasn't he pretty much done it all already?

Poor old Blair. It's not a good position, being sidekick to Mr Invincible.

Here's my election day: does that Mecha Badger look familiar to you?

* celestialweasel points out I'm conflating the 1987 and 1992 elections (won by Margaret Thatcher and John Major respectively, both conservative wins). Thatcher was forced out of office in 1990. Labour gains were expected for both elections, but in 1992 this turned out to be much, much lower than expected. Ah, 1997. Where were you when Portillo went down?


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3rd Nov, 2004 22:00 (UTC)
Oh, there's still the possibility for embarrassment
I just waiting for the sex video involving an Osama costume and a anal crucifix sextoy to come out. ;-)


About Blair - am I the only one who still needs to be convinced that Britain's national interests are served by so doggedly following, supporting, and channeling the US?
4th Nov, 2004 03:13 (UTC)
I don't think
anyone still needs to be convinced of that. But, heck, I could be wrong!
3rd Nov, 2004 23:16 (UTC)
You have false memory syndrome :-) it was Major that people voted for in 1992. Maggie had been booted out by then. I certainly know people who voted for the Tories then, lots of my colleagues at the time for a start.

I know what you mean about the waves of pain, I have been trying to imagine what LJ would have looked like after the 92 election here.

As I have said elsewhere, I do think that election night was one of the worst experiences of my life.
4th Nov, 2004 03:11 (UTC)
fasle memories of Margaret Thatcher

That was how it was, yes, of course. My father was a Tory compaigner, so every election of my childhood has kind of merged together into a seamless mass of excruciating embarassment and pain, with Thatcher's laughing vface hanging over it like the floating head from the wizard of Oz.

1992 was infuriating in many of the same ways, but I'm conflating ...
4th Nov, 2004 08:10 (UTC)
I remember being quite positive about the '92 result, largely on the back of the Comic Strip film shown that night that represented John Major moonlighting as a clown and carrying on with Glenys Kinnock (Dawn French), leader of the opposition. One of the less silly points made was that Major might be a boring leader, but whats wrong with a boring european-style committee driven government?

By 92 I couldn't conceive of a non-Tory government, but at least there was hope for a non-psycho Tory government.

A spleen vented here
4th Nov, 2004 00:48 (UTC)
But it should be remembered that Thatcher never finished her term; she was persuaded to resign after a series of embarassments.

oooh.... a faint little glimmer of hopefulness! that's nice

Poor old Blair. It's not a good position, being sidekick to Mr Invincible.

I thought that when I saw him on the telly the other night. He looked like he was grinding his teeth.
4th Nov, 2004 03:14 (UTC)
it would have been a lot better for the UK and the current government if power had changed hands. Now, instead of the pressure easing up, it's likely to intensify. Blair's probably already looking round for an acceptable successor in case he needs to resign.
4th Nov, 2004 02:37 (UTC)
With a bit of luck it might at least convince this country to throw that grinning f***ing maniac out of no. 10
4th Nov, 2004 03:18 (UTC)
I think this
may lead to Blair having to resign before the end of his term, yes. Remember when he got in? Do you think the exit will be as dramatic? Perhaps we'll all be cheering as he's escorted to a black car and driven away ...

Over on my Flickr account, someone dropped in to tell me that all the Americans voted for Bush because humans are naturally evil and in the privacy of the voting booth we are free to express this.

Way to make me give a shit about the human race.
4th Nov, 2004 03:28 (UTC)
Below the belt jibe. :-)
LJ (or at least, my radius of it,) does seem remarkably free of Bush supporters. Wonder why that is? Does computer-geekery tend to liberalism?

Or is it that Bush supporters struggle to read and write?

(Mean, but dammit, I'm in a foul mood over this!)
4th Nov, 2004 03:41 (UTC)
I think they
think that the internet's the devil's work. Evil made by Britisher homosex-u-als* to deprave and corrupt their poor, ignorant children.

Except they spell "ignorant" as "innocent".

Wow, I just deleted a lot of swearwords from that.

I'll see your foul mood and raise ...

* Not that I'm implying anything about Tim Berners Lee's sexuality here, I'm thinking they'll assume that any men who wear glasses and use long words are obviously gay.
4th Nov, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
Re: A Bush Supporter!
Spotted celebrating on merseygoths friendslist.
When asked why she supported Bush, she answered thusly...

"His views on abortion, gay marriage... He's a born-again Christian... Democrats would screw our country over... etc"

More than enough there to make you weep, but hey! When you choose who to support, don't go thinking about such difficult and possibly world damaging events such as war in Iraq, what counts is.... he's a born again Christian!"

You'll find me sobbing in a corner.
4th Nov, 2004 05:48 (UTC)
wait, wait ---
a born again christian goth? A goth who disapproves of abortion and gay marriage? Isn't she likely to be carped to death by other goths?

TBH, I think big issues and small issues run hand in hand -- that the reasons given above translate to someone who won't give a shit about Iraq.

Also, I get the feeling that the born agains I know wouldn't really see Bush as a fellow warrior on the path of righteousness. Don't know for sure, though; next time I see M. I'll ask.
4th Nov, 2004 03:57 (UTC)
Re: Below the belt jibe. :-)
I don't know that geekery tends to liberalism, but anyone who has regular contact with people outside the US is more likely to lack the insularity necessary to be a true Bush fan.
4th Nov, 2004 04:01 (UTC)
Long words! Glasses!
4th Nov, 2004 08:38 (UTC)
Re: Below the belt jibe. :-)
Well, the BBC news web site found a Bush supporter, Wendy from Chicago, for the "Have your say" section on the election result. The grammar wasn't that great.

When AOL and Compuserve first came onto Usenet c. 1991, and Johnny from Cowrape, GA was genuinely surprised to find that "gay as an insult" didn't go down too well with everyone, I thought "Ah! The Internet will lead to a golden age of communication and understanding, leading the denizens of Crossburn, Missouri away from inuslar bigotry" but I was wrong and every little belief, idealogy and prejudice got its own web site, and they don't link to each other. So there's plenty of Bush supporters on the Internet, but we will never see them.
4th Nov, 2004 09:40 (UTC)
once in a blue moon I do end up on the right wing sites, for various reasons. It's very depressing.
4th Nov, 2004 11:21 (UTC)
Re: Where were you when PortALoo went down?
ERrrr - in bed. I thought the Tories were going to win again and I didn't want to watch. I didn't find out who won until 9am the next day! But I got the video as a present so I can watch Twiglet's victory again and again!
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