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bye bye nanaimo, don't let the door hit your electronic arse on the way out...

The gods of romance, they provide. As the spambot from Nanaimo got progressively less and less communicative (even the promising-looking My Love, where are you? weeps from "Zoologist H. Ladder" turned out to contain nothing more intimate than a baffling statement about jiffy fluid and a very short poem about hard bread) so new suitors have come winging into my inbox, and while Nanaimo may have had a handle on my interests, these two are clearly a cut above his ramblings about comics and toys. One's rather into politics; the other speaks latin! Without further ado, allow me to present random8 and bsbLatin (don't worry, I'll keep most of their romantic fervour firmly strapped behind cut tags)

Random8 is naimed for the way that their poems always come wrapped in a photo of a bored-looking woman called [randomword][randomnumber].gif. They claim other names, of course; Lolicia Sheridan, Rhett Tyson, Jareth Preston. But it's quite obviously all the same guy, and joy of joys, the poems are actually quite short:

good idea

rationing cumulatively journalizing nil
disturbances instructive abiding
ambiguities straggler shelving oar
pawn gnats noodle lurching gild
penguin Norwich archenemy puke inverting
braying obey declaratory peaceful
extremal tallest squirt construct
coach probative Coddington
brig Asia unmanageably

Fw: [shiny] 81% off Vicodin. obsoleted buffet

psychotherapeutic recipes liberalizing dominance
perceivably blackboard managerial
electrocute chocolates iconoclast abrasions
cruiser manhood soundings ringingly
beaned Manhattanizes Phyllis preparation unmistakable
acceptance amazed untenable heroines
Cheney absinthe therein comedy
dragnet Grusky grains bound
recirculating dud coercive species Loretta

next step

rusticate sincere browbeats transplanting greenly
scandals congressionally prism Suzuki Adirondack
codifying Leviticus desultory Americanizes
invalidating numbers forgotten indiscreet Estonia
Arpanet randomization unreliability locators
restorers waiting loves
stricture Pontiac seaside conscientious infringement
Messiah chipmunks impossible hew
flashlights wakened overwhelm

Fwd: [meson] 61%-off Vicodin. Wilmette strayed

creeps armchair wanders tame jean
supervising layoff TELNET coaxial
kicks Shillong elective Alfredo beholders
Francesco Deneb prima
agonizing addicts Catawba
probity shafts chute normality
Hellenizations Ella inverter functionality
consume dike pouts lashes cityscape
success vans pressurize

I can't, unfortunately, say the same about bsbLatin, but their sheer imaginative range (not to mention facility with dead languages) wins lots of points. I don't know, does this sound kind of rude to you?

bygone until you know how Utlram affects you thrifty

disciplinam dabas mihi et in eis vanis peccata delectationum mearum
te; nec animalia nec corporalia per os considerantium ea: ut exsurgat
output hauled despotism gather Profiteering blatant revealed
poem Motor sounding Devise anchovies vehicles
ignorant controls privileges War disposed qualifier baffled
fraternity resident chocolate subsequently feet prime inflation
dexterae tuae, filium hominis, quem confirmasti tibi mediatorem tuum
support favorable latte factbox warfare Whoville
cradles servant indent Orientalism pretty Susan sluggard

net watch infinitives per entrance germ
G*d dancers Everyone ground fear tired hemp
investigandam vacare, cuius non inventio, sed vel sola inquisitio, iam
frightened dismissive Ls sustains comprehensive miracle astronomical
Dealing definition consul imperative Watson shredder Some
Internet helps epigrams cupsful drug guides equate
id attendant Economy foundering midsentence Pedants
forms abhor mean physically enormous curse environment
investigate Scriptures Life depends average
apud me in ipso ingenti sinu animi mei pleno tot et tantarum rerum
wren gild chief Havoc types deadweight consider
deficit keeping vinegar knots behavior
either convince banner political boorzhwah attributed GRAHNday
water universally speaks importance agitate merchantable
session professionalized Caesar deja enclose Confucious Greek
warranted minerals Royal righted staples coarseness plantation
alii enim cum haec verba legunt vel audiunt, cogitant deum quasi

lessened moneymakers Confucius trainloads sophistication verses belt
Clarice Generations countenance broth recalled mess

Those of you completely disinterested in my imaginary affairs with spambots may instead like to find out why I came back from Grrr! raving about Austrian-German artist Ellfriede. Don't bother too much about the sense of it, just keep on clicking.

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