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aunty jeremy

un-expectingMy pretty little sister Ellē is expecting a child. In fact, she has been for a while, but I've been superstitiously silent until after the first scan, as you are supposed to be. Baby is a gymnast and wriggled enough that it remains gender neutral for the moment... With Fortean aptness I caught one of the viruses that drift round our sick offices and spent the week before she finally cracked and told me staggering around nauseous and dizzy ... which inspired this week's strip. She's having a grim time of it but she is the girl with the delicate stomach (unlike mine, which will happily consume pretty much anything) and I would expect no less of her.

I'm seeing her on Sunday, we're going to see Eyes, Lies and Illusions at the Hayward, so I can mock her delicate condition and tell her she's showing even though she won't be.


Finally got round to seeing if I could draw on those jigsaw blanks geroge gave me. Looks like I can.

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