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ladies who fest

hmm, the harlequin dandy has a purple (bicycle) helmetBah. I'm think I'm suffering from lady withdrawals. Despite Virgin's best attempts to smother us in overcrowded carriages, I got home OK. I even shared the bus back with a small black and white kitten. Now I'm at work, moping, and thinking morbidly about this afternoon's cervical scan. Ugh. I can't even take my mind off it with a pleasant lunch because Damian's boss asked him out to lunch today or wednesday and an hour's fretting about what the hell that is about is the better option of the two.

And then I get back and find my picture has inexplicably triumphed in the Picky Picky game. Do none of you care about continuity at all?

Ladyfest was brilliant, especially the craft-fair (jinty, I have a gift for you next time I see you -- here's a sampler of Lois Lane to tide you over till then (context)) and meeting lovely amphoteric.

More on this later, except for:

Late on Saturday night I took the time (while the people I was with were outside for a smoke) to script up a strip which I have (even though it's funny) some slight reservations about posting. But then, I do sometimes think that if they are online then comics should be a bit more interactive. Like this one, for example: NOT WORK SAFE EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

Do you remember when Sandman was, like, the coolest thing ever?

TheCorinthian has a little chocolate raspberry cream-filled person of RoseWalker

What's Your Neil Gaiman OTP?
Ville de Camp -- A Neverwhere RPG

Hahahahaha. And thanks to my friendslist for raising my lady-deprived spirits.


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15th Nov, 2004 05:01 (UTC)
I was playing with your links, and time got away from me. That happens a lot. Before I finish my lunch break (sweep away crumbs, open up Word) allow me to stress that real ladies are stupid. And read the Daily Mail. And wear pearls. And are stupid. Did I say that already? I'm going straight, myself.
15th Nov, 2004 06:11 (UTC)
I think you may be
overreacting. Twinsets and pearls can be very attractive in the right context.
15th Nov, 2004 05:15 (UTC)
> lady withdrawals

me too! But I'm working on it
15th Nov, 2004 05:21 (UTC)

what is this thing you Earth-people call "continuity" ?
screw the plot, i just go for the prettiest picture !

15th Nov, 2004 06:07 (UTC)
it works well continuity-wise, too. I'm just pissed off because the hot tub full of vanilla essence no linger makes any sense.
15th Nov, 2004 06:52 (UTC)
So cuute!

Like a baby Robert Smith!!

Plus a link back to http://www.therogue.net/ville/ as requested.
15th Nov, 2004 07:51 (UTC)
well, that went better than I feared
Nice gynaecologist, too. Very old-skool feminist. Apparently I have a very helpful cervix. Go me.
15th Nov, 2004 08:00 (UTC)
Oh my god! thankyou so much for posting that link to that guys work- I really really really want him to show work over here now- i'm totally in love with it all. Ahh- so what was amphoteric like in real life eh? And yes I do remember when Sandman was the coolest thing ever, but I sold all my comics so am able to deny any goth tendancies at all now...
15th Nov, 2004 08:31 (UTC)
she was kind of like this:


You? Goth? I would never have beleived it...
15th Nov, 2004 08:34 (UTC)
Re: well,
are you being sarcastic missus?
no! - cleanskies - 15th Nov, 2004 08:36 (UTC) - Expand
Re: no! - crunchcandy - 15th Nov, 2004 08:37 (UTC) - Expand
black hair? - cleanskies - 15th Nov, 2004 09:03 (UTC) - Expand
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Aaaaaaaah! - cleanskies - 15th Nov, 2004 09:12 (UTC) - Expand
Re: Aaaaaaaah! - crunchcandy - 15th Nov, 2004 09:16 (UTC) - Expand
well, - cleanskies - 15th Nov, 2004 09:54 (UTC) - Expand
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Re: black hair? - badasstronaut - 15th Nov, 2004 10:30 (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
not at all! - cleanskies - 15th Nov, 2004 09:02 (UTC) - Expand
15th Nov, 2004 08:34 (UTC)
You may be interested in
Mad Chicks more information at Mad Pride.
15th Nov, 2004 09:58 (UTC)
I'm not altogether sure that I qualify as a mad chick. I mean, I've barely been on medication at all (if you don't count gin)
15th Nov, 2004 10:13 (UTC)
Re: hmmm
I don't think being on medication is an essential diagnostic criteria. You usually get a diagnosis before you get any medication, so logically you can be plenty of mad without meds.
I didn't say I'd - cleanskies - 15th Nov, 2004 10:26 (UTC) - Expand
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sorry, yes - cleanskies - 16th Nov, 2004 02:46 (UTC) - Expand
27th Nov, 2004 07:39 (UTC)
Immortal Ladyfest!
Thanks for helping make Ladyfest so much fun! I walked around all day Monday, forlorn, wondering why there is so little dancing in the non-LF world. That's what's wrong with the world: not enough dancing. Not enough comic-drawing. Not enough oceans of whiskey.

I hope it's okay that I added you to my friends.
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