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There's a pile of scripts on the table. Ink and fresh paper. Looming deadlines. A table cleared, more or less. A choice of nibs, I have to choose nibs, this isn't the size I usually work and I'm ... Sometimes you can wait till you feel ready and sometimes you just have to start even though the barbs of your unreadiness will catch on every damn thing, and it will hurt, hurt to do the work*. So I'm procrastinating, like a fucking trouper, here. Poking this and moving that and rambling about this and wondering why everyone on my friends list is bitching about being single, though probably not as much as they are.

If I start tidying up, I'm finished.

* the work:
5 strips (newspaper size)
1 weekly strip (A4)
1 strip, theme "small" (A4)
4 pages thumbnail layouts (A4)


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17th Nov, 2004 15:55 (UTC)
Stupid procrastination fairy buzzed through here and sprinked me with procrastination dust too.


I do not feel glittery.

18th Nov, 2004 02:50 (UTC)
too many fairies
Very tired now. Also, I didn't do very well on the list.
18th Nov, 2004 01:55 (UTC)
Oh bum, I'm spozed to be doing most of that, and more (Endless futile competitions to enter in futile hope of money, etc.). Uhhhhh!
I don't bitch about being single. On the whole, I think it's better than the alternative, for me, anyhow...
18th Nov, 2004 02:48 (UTC)
lookin back on it I was looking
at the people posting between 9pm and 2am, which may have given me a rather distorted view.

Aye. I've done the girlfriend thing a bit, and many parts of that just don't appeal to me. Of course, the sex is nice. Sometimes. Sometimes the sex is nice.
18th Nov, 2004 05:58 (UTC)
Re: lookin back on it I was looking
yeh, sometimes...
18th Nov, 2004 02:06 (UTC)
I think it's only the cold weather.
18th Nov, 2004 02:47 (UTC)
need something warm
to cuddle?
18th Nov, 2004 02:56 (UTC)
Re: need something warm
Hm. That brings to mind those big square European pillows. The pillows at the Novotel in Birmingham were a mixture of those plus tiny little decorative ones. It's hard to cuddle a European pillow. They're too big and fat and square to get your arms around. I felt cheated.
18th Nov, 2004 03:58 (UTC)
stuck in Brum
with nothing to cuddle. That's cruel, you should have complained. Although, it might be a bit of hard complaint to make, "Sorry, but your pillows are too big to comfortably hug." I quite like continental pillows. I have three. But then, I also sleep on a futon.
18th Nov, 2004 04:17 (UTC)
Re: stuck in Brum
Yeah continental pillows rock, but then I kinda like big, fattish square men.
18th Nov, 2004 03:15 (UTC)
everyone on my friends list is bitching about being single
Clearly you ought to have a party and introduce them all to each other... :-)
18th Nov, 2004 04:00 (UTC)
it has been a few years since I've done the between-christmas-and-new-year day-long party thing, isn't it? Or maybe I should start inviting likely couples over to fondue ...

I can see that going well. Hum yeah.
18th Nov, 2004 05:29 (UTC)
Re: hmmm
Perhaps it's time you started investigating Naked Fondues?

(enetirely work safe, honest...)
18th Nov, 2004 05:45 (UTC)
oh, but
the scalding! The unfortunate dribblings of cheese! ("bass and theory"? "acoustic consultation"? yeesh!)
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