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the fruits of procrastination

A bit of a cheat; I dug this week's strip out of the sketchbook, which is beginning to get kind of full. Mostly my 4-square strips are explosions of misery and self-loathing, so I'm quite pleased with this one, as it's about someone else's horribly stressful time (the organisers of Dublin Ladyfest, to be exact) and therefore quite perky.

Just to complete the story, the headliners who were held up by the tanker crash were Andrea Parker/Mira Calix.


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18th Nov, 2004 06:04 (UTC)
Ohhh, Always Such Lovely Kullers!
Give my regards to gorgeously gritty Dublin. They have the best Tuna Melts in the world there, btw...

I think my own stuff oozes rather than explodes misery and self-loathing. What's Crumb doing these days, actually? I haven't seen much really recent stuff...(Googlefinger twitches...)
18th Nov, 2004 06:48 (UTC)
foodie fun
There was a farmers market right by the venue, I had rosti and spiced apple juice with a tot of whiskey for brekkie, it set me right up for the day.
18th Nov, 2004 08:02 (UTC)
The trailer for this week's "Peep Show" states that self-loathing can be cured by holding warm photocopying against your face.

18th Nov, 2004 15:42 (UTC)
whiteboard markers
work quite well, too
18th Nov, 2004 14:19 (UTC)
Oh, that's fantastic! It just helped lift some of my post-Ladyfest-depression.

By the way, this is Anna who was at your comics workshop (and who still hasn't got round to sending you a copy of my hammock-and-kittens comic). Hello!
18th Nov, 2004 15:44 (UTC)
I was tring to remember your lj-name but was just too vague (um I've not sent you my version of the comic yet either ...)
18th Nov, 2004 14:25 (UTC)
Mira Calix is rubbish anyway.
18th Nov, 2004 15:45 (UTC)
that's alright then ;)
(Deleted comment)
18th Nov, 2004 17:35 (UTC)
that means a lot -- after all, you were there!

(and Talking Heads in the dark sounds good as well)
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