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making slow progress

It's going, incrementally. But I hate the incrementals. I want to be inspired, pen-sweeping and confident. This scratch-scratch-scratch just wears me down. It's never as good when I'm forcing it, except of course when the emotional issues resolve and it abruptly becomes much better because it's been forced. I don't see that happening here, though, the issues are too complex. Too convoluted. Too involved.

the Picky Picky game needs YOU!I need a holiday. I want three days with nothing better to do than build a beautiful garbageosaur (more like this) or seek out the enigmatic capercallie. I want to wash my hair in unpolluted rain. I want to see mountains.

But before next wednesday, I do have a great deal to do.

For anyone sitting in on that particular dilemma, I snapped and bought the cardigan (with leftover euros from Dublin!) and am in fact wearing it right now, fluffy hood and all. Some bloody wanker, sorry, "style guru" has been saying that M&S need fewer cardigans, slagging the company off in that standard male-arrogant-I-know-what-women-need way. I suppose that sooner or later his type will win and low-rise shorts in sympatex, lacy 70-denier hold-ups, comfy seamless minimiser bras, and actually giving women a choice of trouser length rather than expecting them all to wear this year's fashionable leg (by surgery if necessary) will go the way of vinyl, Doc Martens and teenage kicks.

Well, I like my Marks & Sparks cardigan. And it would be nice if (this time) my interest in a product did not result in the maniacal marketeers making sure nothing like it ever happens again.


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18th Nov, 2004 23:48 (UTC)
In recent months I, 34 years old, have realised that my fleece sweater with a hood, and a zip up front, is in fact a cardigan.

Not M&S, but I'll never take the mick out of cardigans again!
18th Nov, 2004 23:48 (UTC)
PS "We need MORE vanilla"

19th Nov, 2004 01:53 (UTC)
Garbageosauar YES!
Cardigans, No...Ponchos rule!
19th Nov, 2004 01:59 (UTC)
say no! to poncho swamping
the rule of cardigans shall not fail!

(maybe I could make a garbageosaur out of the stuff all over my floor)
19th Nov, 2004 03:18 (UTC)
Cardigans, ponchos...
Cardigans, ponchos....you're both quite mad y'know.

Unfortunatley, I'm in no position to sneer about fashion faux-pas, having just bought a pair of furry trousers with silver spikes on.

Hark! I hear the men in white coats scrambling up the stairs ready to cart me off.

(Good garbageasaur!)
19th Nov, 2004 03:34 (UTC)
I appreciate that it's not a very fair trade, but swap you a photo of me in my cardigan for one of you in your trousers! Pleaaaaaaaase?
19th Nov, 2004 04:59 (UTC)
Re: screeeeeeeam!
I have plans... (apart from sitting in a cold house with fuzzy but warm trews on,) of unleashing the full horror of photos onto my website at some point in mid-December. My perverse vanity will oblige me to be wearing a mask at all times, nor to release pics until a certain amount of splicing and doctoring has occurred, but the fuzzy trews will feature, (and probably other bizarre silver-coloured wear.)

I am, however, having great difficulty imagining you in a cardy! A photo would salve my confusion, though if you'd prefer to wait until I've sorted out my pics. (In the spirit of fairness,) that would work.
19th Nov, 2004 05:14 (UTC)
I'm dressed up today
for Children in Need, so it's a good day to take photos of myself, and I probably will (unless I get sidetracked). I can wait for the photos of your trousers. But not for too long!
19th Nov, 2004 18:15 (UTC)
she wear the cardigan in a silly way
yes I wear the cardigan

niiice colour combination

... well, you asked for it ...
19th Nov, 2004 23:50 (UTC)
Re: she wear the cardigan in a silly way
Wow! Cardies have moved on since I were a wee lass. Zipper chic and fur trim from M&S? (Goggles!)
It has literally been years since I set foot in M&S, perhaps I should do some investigating.
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