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a sad day for pocket godzillas - seasonal signs - footballers and schoolgirls

Poor old pocket godzilla. His light still works, but it looks like a distress light now.

In M&S yesterday (just to prove that I don't approve of everything they do) I saw a wreath made of turkey feathers. Not to put too fine a point on it, ewww. This lego thanksgiving turkey is cute, though. Oh, and while we're talking christmas, please allow me to be the fiftieth person to link to the USB mince pie. Cute, although not a patch on Hubzilla.

... and in the meantime, Orlando Powell QC continues to prove just how many advances we've made in womens' rights over the last forty years or so by claiming that the 15-year old girl who was (allegedly) raped by a footballer and an unspecified number of his mates was asking for it because she had written poetry about rape, told lies to her friends and had fantasised about leaving home and becoming a whore. And anyway, she'd come onto him in the first place, and he phoned her afterwards to check she was OK, so what was the problem?

Although, really, there's a good chance they'll be found guilty (at which point, what about the men who took part but have wormed out of appearing in court?) as it's a fairly clear case of her asking them to stop and them not doing so. A woman might have continued objecting, started yelling or fighting and brought the whole thing to a halt, but children are trained to aquiesce when told "no" by grown-ups. That's one of the main reasons why you need to keep your hands off the schoolgirls, no matter how sexy they are.

If the jury doesn't get distracted by the defence's colourful description of what it's like being a teenage girl, that is.

I have an enormous pile of World AIDS day stuff from the Health Action meeting on Thursday. File next to the condoms, I suppose. Maybe I should start taking this stuff along to the pub. You're young people, right?

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