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wear a stupid tie day

wear a stupid tie day
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.
Charity days at the Council are nothing like as hard as they used to be at Oxfam. I've done tug of wars and obstacle courses, dressed up in blankets, stockings and a dress and pigtails. I've rented out my hair to the highest bidder (and actually put in money myself to avoid having to crop it and dye the Oxfam logo on it -- the old, complicated logo).

All we had to do for Children in Need at the Council was wear a stupid tie -- well, actually the sign said, "Calling all gentlemen! Wear a stupid tie for Children in Need. Pay 50p (£1 if tie is boring)", so strictly speaking women didn't have to do anything at all.

Sod that. I found a tie and paid £1.

(Using the back button may get you better lit photos.)

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