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behind the scenes with the hooded man

Talking about shite TV with friends (like you do) Robin of Sherwood came up in coversation. Now, the hooded man is a hot topic for me because I hold the controversial view that the third (and final) series (the one starring Jason Connery instead of Michael Praed*) is the best. It's grittier. The characters are more twisted and conflicted. And there's that episode which is mostly Ray Winstone running around Sherwood naked ... (ahem) anyway, it transpired that a certain "someone" (ID yourself in the comments if you wish to be named and shamed!) had a tape "somewhere" of cast-and-crew stuff. "I've not watched this for about two years," he said. Probably a bit bemused that I should want to see it. Of course I wanted to see it. I used to skip tea at boarding school to watch Robin of Sherwood, even during the anorexia-watch season.

The video quality was nth gereration pirate but through the blur and snow and the morass of in-jokes, farting horses, weapons guffs and strippers were some stellar moments; Michael Praed getting a quarterstaff "right on the cock", Robin and the Sheriff bouncing around in bed together, Robin and Nazir skipping into the waves hand in hand, Nicholas Grace quite forgetting his lines during one of the innumerable scenes where Guy is attending him at his bath, and an entertainingly twisted moment where Ray Winstone tripped over in the forest and the cast and crew ran over and started giving him a good kicking.

And then, of course, I went to get out my old tapes, so we could do a little compare and contrast, and did I have any? Did I arse. Well, I do have the traumatic climax to season three, where everyone turns out to a demon and amber filters eat the entire forest, but we were after something a little fluffier than that. And now I come to think of it, I never did. I used to borrow oxyrhyncite's copies.

Maybe I should spring for the DVDs ... but, apparently, they've put music over the blooper reels, so you don't get to hear Gisbourne swearing in his cut-glass accent, or Prince John being introduced as the noble prince of fuck.

Which is a blinding shame.

* Disagree violently? Well, here's a sweetener from the fanart jackpot I found on the image search.


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23rd Nov, 2004 06:43 (UTC)
Do you take it up the b*m?
nd an entertainingly twisted moment where Ray Winstone tripped over in the forest

I think it was more like Will saying "They are coming! Run!" at which point Robin kicked Will's legs from under him and ran off.

23rd Nov, 2004 06:51 (UTC)
my bad
I must've blinked and missed the initial violence ... oh, I found out what "Showtime" was -- it was the one of the US cable channel that showed it originally, so those bits must've been for some godawful TV spots ...
23rd Nov, 2004 07:06 (UTC)
ROBIN is a closed book to me. I'm going to have to rent the DVDs if I can find them though. Ray Winstone naked is always a good thing, for starters...
23rd Nov, 2004 07:26 (UTC)
it's like a proto-Xena
... full of mystery and mayhem, scenery-chewing bad guys, and bewildering cameos from ancient English gods. Although from time to time it does look a bit like one long Duran Duran video ... and the music (by Clannad) gets arther wearing. The Prince of Theives film borrowed quite heavily from it.

However, if you're fond of a prime slice of Ray Winstone, this is where he's young, buff and beautiful ...
23rd Nov, 2004 08:52 (UTC)
you could also
take a look at Quadrophenia which also has young Ray W in the buff (bathing in the public baths -- along with a nuddy Phil Daniels too).
23rd Nov, 2004 08:04 (UTC)
Presumably they'd have to up the certificate on the dvd sets to be able to include the swearing...
(Deleted comment)
24th Nov, 2004 07:20 (UTC)
I won't part with my original (nth generation copy) but I'm sure either a (n+1th generation) copy or a loan can be arranged.
In the meantime I'm putting you on my 'friends' list. I'm intrigued.
24th Nov, 2004 06:21 (UTC)
Celtic-y music and daft girly hair
Nice to be reminded of all the good stuff that was around between Dr Who and Buffy.
24th Nov, 2004 07:16 (UTC)
The Most Noble and Valiant Prince Fuck
I see nothing to be ashamed of.

so many musical numbers..
3rd Dec, 2004 16:14 (UTC)
So did you get the tape?
4th Dec, 2004 07:23 (UTC)
yes, yes it did
it arrived just as I was going on holiday in Scotland (beyond the reach of my mobile phone network, let alone internet!) -- payment will shortly be with you!
4th Dec, 2004 15:46 (UTC)
Re: yes, yes it did
Splendid. Did you like the song? I've decided I will record yet a third, transposed (slightly higher & therefore easier to sing) version for the comp CD which all donors will get... I was pleased with this song, but wished I could've got someone better to sing it!
6th Dec, 2004 15:40 (UTC)
oh yes,
Very much. It's hunky-dory!
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