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back from the wilds

No internet, no mobile phone coverage, terrestrial television and wrong coffee. Yes, the season of christmas visits to far-flung relatives has begun. This year, for the first time, damiancugley and I visited our mothers for thanksgiving (the changing tides of the UK housing market have thrown them both up on the west coast of Scotland, albiet on opposite sides of the Sound of Mull) and the visits were overall, a success, although there is (as ever) learning for next time.

I now intend to go out and get drunk with some friends and talk rubbish about cartoons. All those people to whom I owe emails, cheques, services, artworks, pencils and comics, I crave your patience. I will be with you in just a little while.


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4th Dec, 2004 13:25 (UTC)
The U.K. has a thanksgiving too? Oh yeah. We celebrate stealing the land from the Indians, and you celebrate getting rid of the Yanks. hah hah!!
6th Dec, 2004 03:40 (UTC)
well, not as such
-- but American holiday specials, films and comedy shows means we're all quite clear as to what it is and when it happens. Plus, plenty of Americans in the UK -- and some of them want to do the thanksgiving thing, just like the Scots want to force haggis down us for Burns night ...

But in my case, it's just a convenient time to travel. The holiday rush has yet to start, but it's close enough to pretend that the visit is seasonal. We got fed chicken and talked religion and family history -- but that was by the by, really.
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