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low sun falling behind the mountain

Back from Scotland. Oh yes. What times we had, damiancugley and I and a variable number of mothers and their husbands and dogs. Visiting remote farms full of fancy ducks, hairy cows and black mud. Investigating castles, follies, and a weird churchyard by the sea. Listening to the mournful calls of curlews in the great moss across the braided sand of the estuary alongside Crinan Canal. Crannochs in Loch Awe drifting off into the enveloping mist, pale on on water invisible except where ducks swim, tethered by their black reflections ...

That said, hurrah for cities, yay for people, and, most of all, yes! The internet. It tells me that the mild irritation I suffered on the Glasgow-Oban train could have been so much worse; brings me marstokyo splattering blood around McDonalds; tells me where to find naked folk singers, and that Michael Stipe is best served with milk, while Colin Firth goes better with coffee (context - where you can also find Thom Yorke with cocoa dribbling down his face, and Alanis Morissette buried up to her neck in corn).

When I was away I could feel my awareness of the world shrinking, I tell you. Shrinking.


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6th Dec, 2004 09:47 (UTC)
Shrinking awareness?
Funny, it's always been said that living in the country puts you closer to the world. ;-)

Tell Damian those are fab photos.

Sure like that fairtrade campaign too.
6th Dec, 2004 12:57 (UTC)
>Dead people get to look across the sea to the island of Arran.

.. and wouldn't you? A great view; looks like a great place to be dead in.

Also using your journal to say please say to Damian, those are fab photos! Sorry for using you as a conduit. I mistook 'Jeremy's mother's husband Clive' for you in one, which felt a bit disturbing. You do appear to wearing the same jacket, is my excuse.
6th Dec, 2004 15:32 (UTC)
Well, there was a reason for that. I keep telling and telling Damian to go to the opticians ...

Incidentally, you could comment on the pictures, you know ...
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