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dresden dolls at cargo

Turned out that pink hair was kind of what everyone was wearing. At one point I was sat on one of the sofas (well, luxuriating, really) and could see four people with pink hair (flat, particolour and mixed tone) without even turning my head. Fashion gaffes aside, it was a pretty wild night. Loud, full, howling sound (from a piano and drums! How?) and some kind of fantastic performance (no, not especially cabaret-ish, except, perhaps the song Mister Mister) from both the dolls. Unfortunately, sluggish from the sofas, I ended up in the boyfriend pen, stealing glances of the performers between a forest of men expressing their individuality through vast coats and unnecessarily big hair. Two groping couples (one straight, one gay) of vastly differing heights did their best to provide a little visual stimulation, but when the dewberry-stinking wall of fashion crusty in front of me lit up a cigar, I gave up fighting the misanthropy. OK, that's it. I was prepared to be tolerant but fuck it. Roll on the smoking ban.

He also manifested a perfect sense for when I raised my camera, swaying to block it. Hence the chicken.


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8th Dec, 2004 16:52 (UTC)
You know...
Your continued connection to fowl will never cease to amaze me. :-)
9th Dec, 2004 03:09 (UTC)
when Mum said
it's a walk with a bit of everything, I didn't expect it to include chickens. Castles, trackless bogs, woods, waterfalls, beaches, yes. But chcickens, no. The geese came as a bit of a surprise, too.
8th Dec, 2004 17:29 (UTC)
I'm finding it very hard to get over that chicken.
9th Dec, 2004 03:12 (UTC)
seconds after this shot I was being pursued by my mother, saying, "Please, I have to get a photo of you and that!" Qudos to the litle bugger, it refused to pose for her.
9th Dec, 2004 02:11 (UTC)
Sounds Terrifying...
Are you sure it wasn't all part of your migraine? Dewberry crustie with cigar, Uh! The chicken is rather spooky, too-
9th Dec, 2004 03:17 (UTC)
Dresden Dolls was tuesday, migraine wednesday. Hmm, I just doodled a picture of Sasa on my keyboard sheet. I wonder why?

> The chicken is rather spooky, too-

although, apparently, they make good pets
9th Dec, 2004 05:28 (UTC)
Re: timeframe
Whooo...I was just thinking about Sasa! Sit back and wait for something scary!
Re: chickens ... when you watch them moseying around, you can just see the dinosaur link. I am afraid of them, but geese are much worse.
9th Dec, 2004 08:18 (UTC)
We've got chickens and my mother doesn't like them because of the dinosaur thing.
9th Dec, 2004 08:35 (UTC)
do you have an eglu?

I think I like them better because of the dinosaur thing. I admire primitive-looking animals, I get the impression they've got it right.
9th Dec, 2004 09:09 (UTC)
Re: oooh!
Infact they live in Chicken Cottage, ho ho h--...erm, yes. Well, no, they've got a charming wooden hut painted yellow.

I wouldn't mind the dinosaury nature of chickens if they didn't have such small heads. I find those abit disburbing, and also reminscent of a GCSE english syllabus poem that was unkind about vulture's heads.
9th Dec, 2004 09:30 (UTC)
yellow, how cheerful! --- chickens' brain-pans are quite roomy compared to Guinea-fowls ... and then there's always the Transylvanian naked neck chicken ...
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