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dinner at Jason's house and another cold

see-through legsI am ill and unfit. A migraine, another cold. I keep trying to exercise and having to give up. Even my coat seems too heavy. Lemon Spaghetti and parsnip soup last night at Jason and Charvy's. Jason may own more plastic crap than I do; transparent action figures are his favourite, but dinosaurs are good, too. When they went to New York they brought me back a plastic dinosaur earring. It was orange and had a little paste necklace. Now they might be going to New York for much longer. I'll miss them ...

Fans of my ongoing involvement with fowl may be amused to hear that we went home with eggs from Morpurgo and Murgatroyd, the denizens of their Eglu.

Final pages of Sindee Virtue pencilled and sent off. Hope they're not driving Andrew (inks and finishing) too far towards distraction. I think the shift from Hollywood satire into woodcut-inspired Ninja sex comedy went fairly smoothly, although the lavender ninjas all ended up a bit short (short lesbians, who'd'a'thought it...). This afternoon my father phoned me at work, asked me if I'd been doing any cartooning. "Oh, you know, magazine stuff..." He thoughtfully remembered to complain that he hadn't seen any of my cartoons in The Times yet. What a sweetie.

And while I was away, the spambots got weirder; a new bot turned up, and the vocabulary stretched out on some of the others, so far that I sometimes need a dictionary. For those interested in the joys of random text generation here's a very impressive prose cut-up by the new guy, and two rather nice two poems by random8.

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