November 8th, 2001

2020 lack of vision

day five without caffeine

Damian ate the last croissant this morning. Bastard. And I had to leave the house before I finished my tea. Again. I'm starving, freezing (the radiator needs bleeding in our room again, we work in the attic so it's always filling with air) and my body is alternately yelling Coffee! and No Coffee! ... and on top of that they're drilling the road outside the window again. Haven't they run out of stuff to drill yet?

They're giving me a child to torment again. A 17 year old boy, this time. Joy. I didn't even like 17 year old boys when I was 17, so I think my chances of enjoying his company are low. Apparently he's done a basic ICT course and is now learning "Advanced Web Design" at the rate of one evening a week at the local community college. Guess someone just re-orientated the meaning of "advanced" again. Once again, the uneasy feeling of lurching into a Dilbert cartoon.

I want coffee! (Blech. No I don't.) It's not fair (okay, I did it to myself but it's still not fair) that I'm suddenly on this zen diet of fruit tea and fruit and vegetables and maybe a little soup ...

Damian and I went questing for soup Tuesday lunchtime. No luck (though the town *was* full of panini) unless you liked spicy lentil, spicy parsnip, or spicy lentil and parsnip. Or leek and potato, but that's not really a soup flavour, that's a soup someone forgot to put the flavour in (mmmm tastes of salt ... and very faintly of onions) and eventually we fetched up in the MOMA cafe eating one of their overcomplicated potages, tomato and lentil and oh lots of other stuff, still no escape from bloody lentils [god, that drilling is driving me insane!] lentils aren't really food, though, subsistence stuff, like acorns, but easier to pick in bulk.

Fruit tea, herbal tea, Tazo... it'd be okay if I were my lovely sister with her exercise videos and aromatherapist and vitamin supplements and grapefruit but I'm not health conscious, the most I do for my health is try and balance my coffee and beer input to ensure my body and minds' often conflicting needs are both met with minimal damage to either side.

God, isn't it lunchtime yet? Ooooh the hallkeper's bled the radiator. That's cosy! Mmmm.

I finished my page on alcohol and safe drinking for young people. Who knew it could take so long? Apparently (according to Alcohol Concern, anyway) "women appear to have lower levels of alcohol dehydrogenase (AHD) in their stomachs so the alcohol stays longer in the system before being metabolised and so has greater effect". Fancy that.
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