November 9th, 2001

2020 lack of vision

kind of amazed .....

Yet still slightly irritated. To my astonishment I rustled up a desk, a computer, met with work placement James (who turned out to be shy, bemused, and still wearing his wristband from Reading, so I might forgive him for being 17, even if I can't find his website), finished updating my what's on pages, and transferred all Lalage's settings and favourites and stuff -- only to find that on the fresh, new computer Outlook was getting stuck opening her mail on the first mail it tried to open and stuck so it wouldn't move or do anything. It could be the message at fault (it does have an attachment) but there's nothing we can do about it. IT support had all gone home, of course. *sigh* I nearly got it right. Nearly.

Updating days are websurfing days. Check out creepy Flash animation on, Free Oxen is my top recommendation, though be warned it makes music automatically, so may not be great for work unless (like me) you have an excuse to check this sort of thing out. And, on a totally different tack, a local site for local people,, very small, partially imaginary local people.