December 6th, 2001

2020 lack of vision

waiting for the man

The best thing about your heating going bust in december is how apologetic the letting agents are. No, I tell a lie. The best thing is how sympathetic your workmates are. No, bollocks it is. The best thing is absolutely having to take a day of work to wait for the plumber. He didn't turn up till after 4pm! An entire day off work! That's value, that is. And he knew exactly what was wrong within minutes and though my stupid little kit house (unsurprisingly) has exotic parts he'll have to order, he botched up a temporary job so right now I'm toasty-warm.

Not to mention the fact that I did two-three more pages for 2001 (my current book project), shampooed my wigs *and* cleaned under the fridge (scary, scary, scary).

I can also report that Tesco's finest coffee and walnut muffins are a bit sticky for my taste.

Tenchi in Tokyo finally ground to a halt today. Tokyo got the crystal world treatment, all the girls got back together again, and love saved the day (awwwww). I'd watch it again, but it's scattered across about 6 VHS tapes. It's cataloguing time (groan).
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2020 lack of vision

colour dreams

Hmf. The heating bust again this morning. So much for bodge jobs.

Cycling into work today, fetched up behind someone at the lights at the bottom of Longwall Street, thought, yeah, she has racing tyres, she'll be quick. And what strange shoes she has. Quite out of style with her hair. She looks like a graduated tint, from femme to butch. The lights changed, and she cycled slowly ... not as slowly as the old men who cycle with their knees pointing out, but slowly, and then I noticed that her bike frame was painted green and yellow, just like the tyres. She'd picked them for their colour ... I stuck behind her (the effect was pretty nice, and overtaking on Longwall Street isn't my idea of fun) and this huge guy zoomed by, big black hat, huge grey jacket and urban combats and a matching big tall black-white-grey-silver bike frame, what a co-ordinated morning. Then I saw a girl in the most amazing green coat, with a bright red back slung over her shoulder (seasonal and stylish!) and then another with a coat in the perfectest shade of sky blue, and wondered, is it in my eyes, or the world? But then I saw a woman wearing a red coat, and the red was just an ordinary red, dull and non-committal. It must have been that all those people I cycled past were wonderfully stylish and had great eyes for colour. And the light, of course, thin bright winter sunshine, the perfect light for colour.

Going over the bridge, I glanced sideways through the leaves and saw the white japanese-style bridge through the leaves, and suddenly a mass of feelings and thoughts slid through my head, utterly alien to me. It faded quickly, like a dream -- something about a lady sat on a mat looking out through a low window and seeing no-one on the bridge (again), and this making her sad (he will not come again). Very strange this effect --- often I get the feeling that the world is a densely-packed mass of thoughts, impressions, memories, memes (call them what you will) and all I am is a recoding* device blundering through dreamtime, occasionally being played on by the thoughts that can use me.

* I meant recording, of course.
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