January 2nd, 2002

2020 lack of vision

office music/messages from the helpdesk

Sometimes I think what passes as creative thought is only an over-attention to peripharel detail. Yeah, I thought, next big craze. We've had House music, now we need Office music. Why did I think this? Break it down. I walked past a Lorry. I was thinking about going to a gig this friday. The Lorry had a sign in its windshield. I didn't read all the sign, because it was 2ft above my head and anyway, I was concentrating on not slipping on the frost. The bit I read said "Heavy Office" which made me think of heavy house (dance music has been preying on my mind since I discovered that 2000AD's anniversary celebration is going to be at the Minstry of Sound) and that it really was time we had office music as well as house music. Question: what did the sign say really?

Every day I receive these wonderful messages from the Education Helpdesk, doubtless of crushing importance to those who send them: restirement parties for people I've never met, warnings about electrical inspections which don't involve me, details of interruptions to the lunch cart (there's a lunch cart???) Todays, for your edification:

Maintenance to the Gents Toilets in Macclesfield House 8/1/02

Work is to start in the Gents toilets, replacing the urinals, from 8/1/02. Only one toilet is to be closed at any one time and the contractors will start on the Ground floor. Noise will be kept to a minimum.

Damnation. What a choice. I just got a dinner invite for the same night as the Sci Fi Film festival's all night anime show. But I can't snub Catherine for a film! (Even fiiiive films, including three you've never seeeen before?) Down, Demon! I shall not snub my friends! And anyway THX11whateveritis and more anime I've not seen and oh a bunch of other cool stuff is on the Sunday, maybe I'll see that instead. Sad to miss the all-nighters, though ...

Answer: (I think, it was way above my head) Delivering heavy office equipment.