January 4th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

christmas tree in the bark chipper

They were putting the christmas tree into the bark chipper as I cycled by on my way to work today. And tomorrow or Sunday I shall have to undress Susie, my christmas tree for this year. Damian says that she should wear a suit next. I wonder if that means he wants the table back?

The table is covered in last year's projects, still. I need to estimate some time, then clear them or cut them, or I'll never have space for the fondue party which is now almost within my grasp.

POW, I feel the pain, uglier than toads. Still, I have raked my miniature zen garden, made my morning cup of lemsip, bantered incomprehensibly with the hallkeeper (I have a cold, he has a thick Oxford accent), and written a list of what I need to buy during my lunch hour n the back of my hand, so what better start could I have to the day? Damian even made me cheese on cheese muffins for breakfast (I was zonked following a rather late night doing more things to my website. Ring out the old, ring in the new.)

There are dinosaur shapes in the no stopping lines on the road outside my POW. Who would have thought that the shape of a diplodocus could appear by accident? But then, diplodocus was always an accidental dinosaur.

Do you think that a band called Fuck off Batman could be any good?

Maybe I should write some New Year's resolutions, would that help me?

Right, that's done. Particularly impressed by no. 5: "I shall only do what is necessary to satisfy myself that my work is done, and done well, at work." At least I'll be keeping one resolution. Also, fired by resolve, I made an appointment to see the Doctor to see my lump. Probably nothing. twitch.
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