January 25th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

a gathering of evidence (1)

horrible word discovered today: glocalisation

new form of self-decoration discovered today: road rash

place i was unexpectedly recognised today: st gile's cafe

best argument for the existence of a benign force at work in the universe today: losing a glove, and then finding it

infection vector for meme follows (start with "POINTEDLY GETTING DOWN TO IT")

  • the actual eye, shiny and black as the head of a pin.

  • as far above my head as I can get them, in line with the sun.

  • to avoid the machine becoming aroused, or unnerved by the sight of toes

  • better just to affect a friendly smile, and listen to their woes.</i>
  • a slow walk to no-where, with a quail

  • no

sleep. tidy. clean. shine.

see you where the lound music. is.
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    scomatic leakage