February 8th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

shining things/the blog log

shining things 1

Hum-pum-fum. I ought to be finishing my health section really, but I'm waiting for IT support dude Colin to come fit my firewire interface, got a meeting at 3pm (dull, dull) and my mouse needs cleaning.

Ah, that's better. It was full of blue fluff, from this jumper I bought from a charity shop, which feels a bit like it was knitted from shredded carrier bags. It sheds sparkly blue bits everywhere. Yesterday I walked home carrying some bags and when I took off the jumper my arms were covered in blue sparkly hair, I looked like Neal (a hairy friend) except bluer, and shinier.

Which reminds me, cycling 20mins a day, doing the bookshop on Saturday and going to the occasional gig isn't enough. I need to either find a club night I like or join a gym. Any suggestions?

(Grumble turning into a f***ing endorphin-junky.)

the blog-log

Over the last couple of months, Damian has been languidly investigating the world of blogging. While I'm off scribbling like mad, haphazardly learning stuff at a later date as and when I need to, he's off seeing what other people are doing, and every day he's telling me, I found this blog where-- I found this site where-- did you know the difference between-- I've been looking at new ways-- did you see-- did you know ... and of course he changed the look of his own site, just to keep it in key with his current interests. One thing that's really clear, even to me, is how the farther you look, the more there is to see, and blog leads to journal leads to page leads to project like an endless fractal forest, so much of the ephemeral caught and jellied for posterity, fleeting thoughtsand words solidified, pinned, and given an existance in time and in memory. Had this sudden image of the world in datamire, enveloped in a sticky jelly atmosphere, like frogspawn or lubricant, pale green words writhing within, eggstrings feeding on the amniotic richness of the www, sliding easily through the greasy informational goo.

Glop. Another bit of gunk for the datamire.

shining things 2

Walking from the busstop into town (after my bike got bashed about again! I'm back on bus and foot) the street was full of shop rubbish. Outside Topshop saw a shiny, shiny, shiny pile of purple things. I walked by. I walked by.


I stopped, went back and picked up a purple shiny thing. It's a POS tent-card* on mirrored purple card saying:

glitter shimmer spirit shine twinkle sparkle

and, prosaically, at the bottom, TOPSHOP. The card is so mirrored and clear that I can see myself in it, all purple and shiny in it. Speaking of which:

Damian showed me (when I was being unreasonably testy, too) the mirror Project. Rapturous joy! Another place I can hit a random button again and again to syphon entertaining images into my eyes with practically no effort at all!

*Point of Sale Tent Card = Card folds over at the top and under at the bottom to make a stable triangular tent shape, for display at till.
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