February 19th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

adding to the sum of human knowledge

  • children are virulent, teachers are virulent, youth centres are virulent, sniffle

  • haggis soup is not entirely unpleasant

  • paying money from one account to another is more complex than it may seem

  • contrary to expectations, paintings made by pissing are almost as attractive as paintings made with diamond dust

  • when someone suggests an orange and blue wedding dress with flamingo flowers, just smile and nod

  • it is possible to produce a comic on the bus, if your pencil is sufficiently purple

  • violet shades can make Liza Minelli even more startling

  • teaming gold Doc Martins with a gold and red brocade dress looks "quite nice, in a strange sort of way"

  • talking about mortgages makes me bored, angry, and sad, all at once!

  • walking down the street with a bunch of tulips on a friday night makes everyone smile at you

  • blue black hair provokes people to describe the colour of your hair to you far more than turquoise with purple patches does

  • apple and cinnamon tea is not the best thing to drink last thing at night when you're drunk, no matter how cold you are

  • do not tumble dry means do not tumble dry, not even for fifteen minutes

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