February 28th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

office move update

My boss's boss's boss's boss has gone for the fast track approach with the new staff members, waiving leave time and minor problems like no spaces to move into, people being moved being on holiday, that sort of thing. They're the ones which are getting my office, including comfy chairs and coffee-making facilities (something we were never offered). Lalage moved out this morning, though she still has to strip out her contacts list from her computer, so she'll be back this afternoon. Anita's desk I'll be clearing this evening as I won't be in tomorrow (I have a seminar to attend -- making the web work for young people, oh joy). I've bought some daffodills to leave on the empty desks as it's pretty certain that their boss won't be in to welcome them (she very seldom is) and they may feel a little confused faced with two empty desks, one phone, one computer, and no NT log on between them. I just have to think up the right message now. "Make yourself at home, I'll be in the cardboard box outside" perhaps.

And, in local news, volunteers are being sought for a trek across the Sinai Desert to help raise money for research into the disease ME, and a new owner is being for Ron the cat, who has somehow managed to contract AIDS. (Does anyone know how cats get AIDS?)

Oh, and the firewall's not letting me through. Again. And for some reason, I can't talk to anyone who can fix it this time. I just get a series of don't-give-a-shit boys who don't understand the problem and couldn't really care less, tell me someone's looking into it then put the phone down on me.

Later. Have emptied Anita's desk. Have made another fruitless call to IT support. Daffs looking rather lost on empty desk. Feeling despondent.
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2020 lack of vision


Finally got to talk to Chris at which point FTP problems more or less instantly resolved. More or less.

C: I just need to Proxy into your machine.
Jeremy reads out her asset number, Chris tries to find her machine, fails.
J: I get the impression my machine lives in a strange place. It normally needs a couple of tries before people find it.
C: Yeah, it does.
Chris finds Jeremy's machine. Little burble sound.
J: Oh, oh my mouse is set to right click.
C: Right.
C: Where's your start button?
J: Bottom left. Is my screen bigger than yours?
C: Looks like it.
Chris checks out problem on Jeremy's machine. Puts Jeremy briefly on hold while he has a stern word with the server. Fixes problem. Comes back. Does something.
J: Oh, that looks healthier.
C: It does. Just check it on your program?
J: You need to click on reconnect.
C: This one?
J: Next one along.
All is fixed! Joy fills the world. Now I can update my news pages. I thank Chris and put down the phone. Little burble. Bye Chris!

Life is so much easier when I can talk to the people who can fix things.