March 4th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

my office has been taken over by drugs

Having spent last thursday miserably packing up Anita's stuff, I was coming in this morning to find two new staff members except that I didn't of course, no Dave, just Barbara. For the new drugs project.

I had to ask to find out that she was called Barbara. She seems nice enough, but likes Mel C, and I came in to a radio playing FoxFM, and there's something else too. Damn. Something beyond coming in to the sound of Bruce Springsteen. Something else.

She chats on about getting a sandwich toaster. What do I care? I'm out of here, here to nowhere, in fact, they won't find me a desk.

I ask what the drugs project is about and she's fairly vague: "Monica just sort of feels that there isn't enough ebing done about drugs in Oxford ... the works going to be, well drugs and young people in Ofxordshire ... just working with that ... just reaching the various elements, and staying, sort of on top of it."

Dispiritment. *sigh* must get on with my unit plan. Well, at least it stops me getting on with any actual work.

Damn. Strange mumbling noises, too. And she doesn't like having the door open.

She's asking me questions about fonts.

And humming.

Literally/figuratively, take your pick.
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2020 lack of vision

i open the window wider

My wonderful new workmate just left, taking a full half-hour of huffing, blowing, mumbling, and casual conversation-starting to do so. This on top of a previous hour's-worth of asking me how she can correct all the interesting things she's manged to do with Word today.

Just before she left, she said, "You don't mind if I keep my shoes in this cupboard, do you?" took her shoes off, and put them in the cupboard.

I've never seen anyone do that before.

Further to Alx's recommendation of Arcata Eye's police log, I feel honour bound to also recommend Godwit Days, web-friendly Arcata's three-day migration festival celebrating the Marbled Godwit. "Watch Marbled Murrelets arcing through towering redwoods at dawn, have face to face encounters with spotted owls, and take small boat tours of Humboldt Bay to view migrant shorebirds at their peak." Possibly for Greenaway fans only.
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