March 7th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

nine out of fourteen days

Huh. Spent yesterday in bed, sleeping the sleep of the dead, except when some idiot woke me up by phoning me to tell me to have lunch. Do I want to eat? I do not. I still don't. Had this really involved dream about living in an art centre in a room which adjoined the living room, which was open space for meetings. They'd stapled this thin black fabric across the room, which you could see right through. "There no space for me here really, is there?" I asked the guy in charge of the co-operative, but he just grinned. But then I saw a banner advertising Caption 11 in sparkly black fabric (I think I was in some sort of alternate universe) and was really happy. After all, it was large, really large quantities of no-space, and I'm beginning to appreciate that there are degrees of no-space. Then there was a creepy bit where Carol Bennett* turned up at my door except that she was only about 2'6" tall and talked gibberish for a bit before fading away before my eyes. I was really worried and wanted to phone to see if she was OK, but I was too disconnected in the dream and too tired in real life.

Today I went to work with headphones and a pile of CDs, and have got through the day better as a result, though my ears hurt, and my neck is stiff. And I did get shown the Powerpoint manuals, despite grunting rudely when asked if I wanted to see them. I also had to help with her choice of in-trays and pencils, sympathise with the tattiness of her filing cabinet, explain to her the policies on tea and coffee and post-it notes, and help her with the basics of web browsing (how to type a web address, use a search engine, favourites, etc.). All of which took far longer than you might expect. Also, except for The Boards of Canada, all the music is too distracting to work to, and even then it occasionally freaks me out, having music right inside my head like that. I guess this music thing needs practice.

*Guru of UK-based women's comics. Can't believe I didn't manage to find a picture of her online.
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