March 19th, 2002

2020 lack of vision


I'm a fucking idiot. I explain to my fragrant workmate how, sound card or not, you can use any CDRom drive as a Walkman, in order to try and stop her talking to me. She shoves in a pirated Ricky Martin enhanced CD which won't autoplay. "But that's really strange," she repeats, as I try to explain to her why it isn't playing, and that most CDs will play, while simultaneously holding my breath, trying not to touch any part of her computer, and hide my contempt of people who pirate Ricky Martin CDs. I get her settled, thinking to myself, "she probably sings along" and, what do you know? she does.

Pfff. She's broken the printer again. Joy.

Is her singing more annoying than her talking? So far, I'd say no. We'll see.
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2020 lack of vision

mumble mumble la la

I take it back. It's just as irritating. Well, that blew up in my face. ... and I have to have her explain how she must be in a bit of a depressed mood today as she's just followed Travis with David Grey, and plans on listening to Coldplay next. She may be a bit depressed, but I'm getting suicidal.