March 27th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

off to amsterdam

And nearly all my chores done.

I'm going tomorrow, feeling a bit strange, normally only go abroad if it's something that happens to me rather than something I plan; my frugal upbringing leads me to see travelling as an unpardonable expense in this world of misery, starvation and rent-slavery. Still, I piss away enough money on other (smaller) things like the HMV sale and beer, beer, beer.

Shoved up another half-dozen scanner collages onto cleanskies as my last act before I lose FTP at the end of this month. I did think about getting a paid account but, well ... it is practically full now (over 95%) and probably easier just to move on. Where shall I go next, any ideas?

ballard scanner collages for anyone interested. My favourite is the drowned world but all you prurient perves out there will doubtless be more interested in crash which will probably be getting me some people coming in on interesting search terms...

Being on holiday has been so good ... being nice to tourists, taking photos, checking out all the new spring things, and finally time to go shopping, properly. I got a bag, at last. Found it at the bottom of a basket in mondo hippy shop Bead Games so it wasn't even expensive, and it's perfect though it makes me look even more like a relic from when students looked like students instead of like Gap adverts. Ho hum. It'll probably fit in in Amsterdam.

Here's a list of things I found while wandering:
  • A man sat by the river wearing new boots and drinking champagne, on his own.
  • Spanish tourists punting with their shirts off.
  • A crazy lady who said she liked the blue dragon on my blouse (it's a surf shirt actually, but why quibble?)
  • A little girl being told not to carry on feeding the same swan (which was taller than her) by her mum who was changing her younger brother on a park bench
  • The bees in the open hive at the Natural History museum sluggishly staggering to the door of their hive and lurching off into the spring wind
  • A tiny dwarf tulip tree with split white petals like bunches of white ribbons.
  • A big silver globe in the window of a shop, with the sky, the street, and me in it.
  • Myself caught in a net of sharp shadows across a rust-red row of those big girdery things they use to keep water out of the bits of the river they are repairing.
  • Blue and white anenomes under people using mobile phones up trees.

Spring fever, anyone?
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