April 11th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

always ready to join a crowd

email received today:

" Hello!

We have a new site, which is at www.maketradefair.com - where you
can join our exciting new globalisation/trade campaign, and even more
importantly have your own little person walking about in our online
animated campaign crowd thing - a fine gimmick & very pretty. Please
consider doing me a favour when you have a mo and visit (& tell people) -
it is quite fun anyway I promise... Many thanks for 'rent-a-click'ing!!


finally, finally, I can ask my mates in the Oxfam web team down the pub again ! ... and do come join me in the big crowd. I ran into Johnny Vegas, one of Coldplay and the Planets (whoever they might be) there ... there goes Oxfam, giving good celebrity again :)

My slogan: "change the rules"

Also trying out a new website: cleanskies on a tripod.
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