April 17th, 2002


learning how to use things before I lose things

My Palm Pilot (thankyou Jinty) went futz at the weekend. Maybe it spent to much time in the pocket of my big furry coat. Maybe my levels of irritation were beginning to verge on the supernatural. It's OK now (I found a reset button, and rebuilt it from the desktop) but I had a numbing moment of tech-panic. How much stuff do I have that I'm not exploiting to the fullest? (it's a long list) What if it all went off and I'd never taught myself Flash or Illustrator or 3DMax (all still on the to do list) what if it was suddenly too late to learn all those neat tricks for Programmers File Editor, or I'd never made that Barbie porno movie?

And then I go waste a morning droning on about nothing to the ceiling. I didn't even videotape myself. Gah!

Reason #2 for tech panic -- the place I applied for a job to is following up my references before interview (I didn't even think I'd been shortlisted) and I feel panicked because though I desperately want to leave my job I don't want to leave the 21" monitor, the Digital Video camera, the Mavica, the i-book, the graphics tablet and all the other unnecessary but lovely toys I haven't actually had time to play with yet because I've been too busy trying to do my job (or bitching about my office mate) ... yeah, I know. Sucks to be me, right?

So I spent half today making flash movies, half working through all the different video controls, and half watching everything Tivo had killed on the cable network and brought home for me. This is my fourth half of the day. I made a spinning penguin watching a crashing bubble car. Damian's comment; It looks a bit like a five-year-old's dream.
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