April 18th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

bulletin from the future: Google still searching for that elusive profit-making add on

Had a dream last night that I was travelling through space and time using internet search engines (well, obviously not this generation of internet search engines, ones from the future which could find stuff anywhere). We were using Google, because that was the best, but on the free service you could only visit places saved in their cache rather than go to the actual times, so we switched to another engine which I think was attached to Lycos (it was called something like Timemonkey) which gave worse search but a more comprehensive service.

Inevitably we got lost, and fetched up in a place with lots of identical grey corridoors (which looked a lot like a 70s Dr Who set), unable to access the search engine, wandering around like headless monkeys, with the growing suspicion that we were still somehow stuck in the browser cache ...
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