April 25th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

winner or loser?

Gain: have disinfected office with Dettol anti-bacterial wipes. Babs had to leave early. Alone in the office most of this morning. Got email/snail mail off to my sign ups.

Lose: she came back in this afternoon to websurf, and probably sprayed her dandruff over all the nice clean surfaces. She spent afternoon reading Annanova and telling me everything interesting she read (or possibly everything she read). When not doing this she was singing along. Also smell v. bad today. 30-40% of the email addresses bounced (can't be arsed to do the maths).

Gain: Sketch finished for law section toon (must be positive, empowering, inclusive). Bought fresh pasta for this evening and a velcro-letter t-shirt for my nephew's birthday. Noticed I was getting the migraine in time to take the tablet.

Lose: Driven to websurf and whinge again. V. bad. Started compulsively cleaning when she went to lunch (going mad?) Boss' boss' boss' boss caught me jumping downstairs waving a herbal tea bag, hissing "That's it! I'm out of here!"

Gain: Excessive snorting of tea-tree oil pretty much killed sense of smell. Going to see film with friends :) tonight. Remembered to buy moth balls and oven hood filter. Photo of an interesting shadow.

Lose: No sign of a nice empowered and stable looking male doll for Tiimu. Skin getting worse from stress. Boss' boss' boss' boss asked what was wrong. Dodged issue. She said, "Well, something is wrong but you won't tell me, then," and patted me on head. Can I sue? Doctored photo of self to remove eyes. Satisfying.


I found this while looking for artists working with light, glass and felt tip pens. All hail the power of google, who clearly knew what I needed, even if I wasn't asking for it.

Everything for the Reboot fan all recounted very logically and straight-face on a minor glitch. Particular fun -- action figure photo story featuring Megabyte dressed as Bobette's fairy godmother and the tragic life of NRFB Bob, instructions for making your portable shrine to supervirus Damon, a recipe for mouse hair gel ("You can try it on yourself, or better yet, pin a friend down and try it on them"). From the Reboot Geek test: "I named the toaster "Scuzzy" and lugged it around with me as I went on a terrible rampage while armed only with a paintbrush." I couldn't tick yes to that one. But it sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? My toaster is kind of round and cute ...
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