April 26th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

stop my head I want to get off/what's on

From Helled out and with spinning head I went to bed last night, put on Kid A by Radiohead. When the light went out was instantly rewarded by hallucinatory light; pinwheels spinning, kaleidoscopes awhirl, twinkling lights pricking at my eyelids, shining bars sweeping across my field of unvision. Somehow I couldn't relax and let it all spin, like sometimes when you're drunk and the room starts to spin like a fair-ground ride and it isn't fun any more, you just want to get off.

Groaned, got up, took pills, went back to bed. I don't blame Radiohead.

Later, I did have a really fantastic dream. I was working at this school which a the local Duke wanted to close down, so he hired this guy to mess up the school, and he kept timescooping warlike people and dumping them in the school grounds. In the meantime I was a teacher there but not liking it much, and getting pissed with my mates and sneaking out at night, like you do. Inevitably, we get caught, and the headmaster tries to pin it all on us, the wierd historical guys, everything, and claims we're in conspiracy with the cook (he's nuts, headmasters usually are). Which was about when the dinosaurs started to turn up. It all turned out well, in the end (it's too long and complicated for here), and the sight of three dinosaurs standing in the middle of the playing fields at dawn isn't one I'm about to forget (even if my first thought was, gosh, we had the budget for dinosaurs).


Darn. The most interesting thing I found happening this week isn't even in Oxfordshire. An exhibition called Enamelling for Equality. "A metalworker and enameller, Ernestine Mills (1871-1959) was taught by the leading enamellist, Alexander Fisher. During the campaign for women’s votes, Ernestine Mills became a staunch Suffragette. Her political views and support for the Suffrage movement is apparent in her exquisite enamels, some of which were produced as commemorative pieces for imprisoned women and hard working campaigners."

With the exception of May Day, of course, here given a far better description than any I could write on my site:

"May Day is celebrated in Oxford and to a much lesser extend in Cambridge. In Cambridge, Morris dancers dance around the streets in Cambridge. In Oxford, the festivity is much grander. Oxford starts the festivity with chorus singing by the Magdalen College choir on the Magdalen Bridge at dawn. The bridge is packed with on-lookers from early hours of the moring. The angel voices of the choristers linger

in the silent morning air. After the chorus singing, the crowd disperses into surounding streets and continues the celebration. Music and Morris dancing are found around the streets in Oxford. It was a tradition to jump off from the Magdalen Bridge to the River Cherwell below on May Day. This danger activity was banned, however, some unruly students do jump off and some even jump off as nude."

from the strangely compulsive j-friends website.
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