May 21st, 2002


reasons to get out of bed/the spider's nest

A mysterious message in my intray with an empty subject line. Spam or fan? Fan! ... the first in ages. One of her sentences begins, "If ever there was reason to get out of bed of a morning ..." yes, I can finish that one, it's to have total strangers tell you you're talented :) Happy very much now.

... it certainly isn't to discover that your bicycle saddle is crawling with little yellow baby spiders ... there was a frill of web around the edge of the saddle with the little buggers abseiling off it every which way. Slightly horrible realisation that I'd been cycling around with a spider's nest under my saddle for goodness knows how long, they could have hatched out any time! I actionsampled them (lacking anything that would do me a horrible close-up) and took a soft paintbrush to them -- wouldn't want to hurt them, they might be money spiders.

Lalage (workmate) dropped by to borrow the Mavica for a very dull-sounding meeting this evening. Better her than me. Hopefully she'll come up with something a bit more fun to do with it after the meeting, but she is so, so serious (not to mention camera shy) so maybe not. And then Shelley (another workmate) dropped by to show me her new laptop, with its connection to the internet via mobile. Tried out visiting my sites, of course -- Alleged came down smooth as silk (no surprises) but Cleanskies was cranky. The joys of cheap webspace. She also had MGI Videowave installed so we mucked around with that for a bit and then I sent her off with the camera to learn how to use it by shooting a biog of her pet hamster. Can't wait. Sometimes it's nice to send stuff away.

Added an anglepoise lamp to my mini empire at work. We shall not be moved!

One last thing -- you really must see what Damian did to the ten of swords (if you don't have it already, you'll need an svg viewer but adobe supply it for free) because it's really funny.
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