May 23rd, 2002

2020 lack of vision

from the world of overanalysed carpets

Apparently, today a review of floor coverings is taking place in our offices. (glances overs shoulder at the floor) Well, not the most elegant of floor coverings; a heterogenous mass of compacted browns spotted with black sticky bits and pitted with white grungy bits, more or less clean from the weekly hoover (that said, I can still see bits of glitter from Anita's Christmas cards) your typical, municiple, indestructible carpet tiles, in fact, but instead of the usual ignorable greys, these are a mottled darkish brown, like beetles or centipedes.They look uncomfortable and are (though I only very occasionally lie down in the office, I spend a fair amount of time crawling around looking for cable ends or dropped pens) ... and they're moving. The tail end of yesterday's migraine strikes again. Eurgh. That looks horrible.

And once the floor covering review is over, I get to do a Job Evaluation Analysis. I have a 16 page questionnaire to fill in before I even get near the Job Evaluation interview. "Does your job require the use of keyboard skills? Does your job have any effect on the well-being of people? Does the job involve regular exposure to disagreeable, unpleasant or hazardous situations?" and on, and on ... at the end of it they re-classify me, and my pay gets changed. Or not, as the case might be. The accompanying FAQ (6 pages) includes the question "How can we be certain that this Job Evaluation exercise will not be the divisive and unpopular procedure it has been in the past?" The answer starts with the words, "We are entering a new area ... " wow, everything just went Dilbert for a moment!

Found glittery tat at the market. Bought glittery tat. Unreasonably happy at having wasted money. Must stop this. (But it was a brass art deco lady in frilly cami-knickers!)

Nearly finished money. I mean the section on Spired, not the stuff in my bank account, I finished that a week ago.

Sorry, sorry, migraine I mentioned earlier -- my strip's still on the sitting room table with seven panels pencilled. Try Carol Lay instead; read about how personalities express themselves through objects and clutter, or find out why she needed a blind hairdresser, who didn't mind working with snakes.

Well, it's 17.40 and they've not reviewed my carpet yet. I guess I'm too obscure or distant.
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