May 31st, 2002


feeling a bit blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Couldn't work today. Tried. Couldn't. Just did the crucial to get the site updated for the week. That's all.

Instead: tidied my desk. Looked again and again at my latest batch of photos (I'd been trying out the Holga for BW flash portraits, and had somehow given a normal tuesday pub meet a creative glamour -- all my friends suddenly looking like talented, drunk artists, poets, writers, muses). Tried to find out where to send my disclosure forms (failed). Chatted to Lalage about her work with young refugees, Colette about spiralling house prices, and both of them about going out for cocktails (got to keep my [lack of] perspective). Put my work into neat piles so I'll be able to find it right away when I feel like doing it. Though about phoning some people. Didn't.

So, eventually wandered over to LILEKS to laugh myself sick at a few more galleries. Treasures: The bureau of corporate allegory and (from a wander through For our Matchless Friends) Eat more turkey - feel perky and the benefits of learning computer programming.
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