June 24th, 2002


what have I forgotten?

Ice blue shampoo (refreshing!), razors, plastic cups, towel, flannel, bedroll, sticky bit on the kitchen floor, bathroom sink, ribbons, small mirror, put rubbish out, DV Master tape, burning and ripping, spycam pictures, update message, kill the moths, sleeping bag, next weekend's entertainment, tweezers, photos of cats and girls, the half-coloured, half-finished strip, hoover the corner, small coloured pencils, hat, sunblock, half-dead boots, sacrificial shirt, novels (2), the most waterproof waterproof, socks and pants, small bottles of water, biscuits, washing up, hard and soft notepads, pills, pills, pills, chocolate, sunglasses (goggle-style), combats, tent, scarf and layers, the union jack camera (take record shot), photograph the flags (too late already?), Farscape, menthol gum, energy bars, caption letters, alarm clock, E45, mug, whiskey, guard dinosaur.

One for lovers of tiny things (tinyjo) and severe technical design challenges (Damian). Visit the world's smallest website. I particularly recommend the icon-sized webcam ... !

Decisions, decisions ...
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