July 29th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

zabel can't shake green shadow

(You're going to think I do nothing except go to concerts.)

Ellé took me to see the Route of Kings concert in Hyde Park for my birthday, where we were given free ice cream and no-alcohol beer, and a sunny park to sit in and listen to Joseph Arthur, the Cranes, Mogwai and (topping the bill) the Cure! Big hair, black leggings, MAKE UP, net, buckles, straps and tassles, stripy tights and jumpers, rubber,leather and lace, it was 80s fashionplate heaven out there. Ellé (doing a creditable Buffy the Vampire impersonation) and I (silver and black with bright blue hair) spent half an hour putting on makeup beforehand. I almost never wear the stuff, but Ellé got started and I just had to join in ... we used going for wine as an excuse to cruise the arena, looking at hair and clothes. It was a very mixed crowd: latex-clad self-mutilators sat sucking blood from each others' arms next to 80s-vintage bonded couples with matching Lady Di hair, rock veterans trailing sullen teenage children rubbing worn lether shoulders with the tanned trimmed curves of Kensington blondes, anti-glam grim-faced black t-shirts trading scowls with art queens wrapped in layers of attitude and long-lasting messed up effect hair gel, swaying girls and boys trailing yards of glittering skirts, beads, scarfs, wings, fringes and vibrant hair meandering through fleets of hard-faced tweens reconstructing the look from first principles and fashion hints from Cosmo Girl. There were also plenty of Robert Smith-alikes, some of the older ones grimly realistic. I prefered the younger ones, who were aiming for the platonic Robert Smith rather than the real one. Some of them looked lovely, like the dinky fun-sized boy with a mass of bottle-black hair and an 80s tail shirt, being trailed by his tolerantly smiling white-blonde shadow. They had great hair, but mine was better.

Not that it will last. Blue hair fades quickly.

(a word of wisdom from today's reasearch)

"Unbounded consumption is for the socially excluded who are cut off from mainstream society and for whom leisure time is all there is."

and a picture of an abseiling dog.
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