August 15th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

progressing the list

  1. Cover for comic.

  2. Write through On the Anger Line pt. 2

  3. Fill in blacks on Black Butterflies. (Phew.)

  4. Find sufficient shiny black paper for Black Butterflies covers (10xA4). Went for 2-sheet card instead.

  5. Scan up page of Black Butterflies for alleged. (Part 1 here.)

  6. Select for comic from TWS, clean + assemble artwork.

  7. Draw in On the Anger Line pt. 2 Finally finished in M&S cafe. All auctioned now. Feel bad about that. Stupid, I can't keep everything, however hard I try.

  8. Photocopy Black Butterflies (also ascertain whether it's going into booklet or comic). Turned it into an ashcan comic. Still seeing improvements leaping out at me.

  9. Drop comic into copy shop + collect. Looks OK.

  10. Mount and finish Black Butterflies. Replanned to need less work. I hope. Insert hollow laughter here. Rethought rethink. Returned to original idea. Finally finished sometime after noon, with help from the butterfly factory (Ruth, Tom, Niall, and Mike)

  11. Check for clamps, invisible tape, paper clips and thread, buy more if necessary. Put off till Saturday morning Didn't use paper clips, bought too many pegs. Ah well.

  12. Finalise workshop plan and draw up full props/tools/papers list. Saturday afternoon. Cutting it a bit fine, I'd say.

  13. Buy stuff for workshop. Bought guns.Sunday morning, I couldn't find my handcuffs anywhere (yes, they were crucial for the workshop) so now I know where to buy handcuffs from in Oxford on a Sunday morning.

  14. Prepare workshop notes/sheets/instructions. If two pages of scrawl on the back of photocopies counts.

  15. Draw up exhibition plan/task list. If three wiggly pencil lines on the back of a bill count.

  16. Get pulps from bookshop. Though I should really have sent a gopher to do it, earlier.

  17. Bring Mark a purple frightwig on Saturday. Forgot. Had to go home to get it instaed of go to Steve Marchant's thing. I'm sick of missing Steve's stuff.

  18. Assemble exhibition bag. Didn't bring enough needles. Or did I?

  19. Sweep off table for any stray exhibition pieces.

And there goes Caption 2002.
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