August 23rd, 2002

2020 lack of vision

instructions for converting a dead tree into a climbing wall

For reasons vaguely connected to my job, I fetched up visiting Eeebleee's website today. After a bit of fiddling, I managed to find a recent news section. "Very busy writing new stuff at present. Currently working on a song that involves a man who shot and ate his dog... Also a song about bad therapy and cars." Quality news. The guitarist from Eeeblee (formerly the guitarist from X-1, formerly the guitarist from The Changelings, and probably others I don't know about) used to work on the next-door desk from me at Oxfam, answering complaints about the shops. The most important criterion for answering phone complainers is a nice voice. Ben (like irish Jane, who answred the complaints before him) has a lovely voice. I'm sure that some of the complainers used to phone up just to chat to him, and I lost count of the numbers of times he had to explain no, XXXX isn't a Scandinavian name. That's not the reason I like Eeeblee, though, I like them because they're good.

Speaking of which, Audioscope is on Sept 7th.

I got bored at work and decided to embed my livejournal. OOh, that's going to look pretty recursive. Speaking of which, I have 733180 bytes left on that website. What should I do with them? Decisions, decisions.

I just cut my hair. I look like a fucking marine.
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