August 30th, 2002


too busy designing my sister's wedding invitation to make it to the lesbian and gay film festival

My overworkload is being attacked by other projects. I bought a book called Law of Dilapidations, I want to try transfering photos of textures and decay into it. Perhaps I could pick a building for each page? That at least would keep it on a fairly slow progress. The weekly strips are still scripting even though I'm on holiday while Black Butterflies runs its course. Look out for wedding guilt and dead insects afterwards ... speaking of which, wedding season officially opens tonight with Jane & Steve, finally found a present today lunch time. The task list was short for that one. Later I get Dan & Julia (find ideal presents, go to Canada, be best man, give a short toast) and finally my sister Elle, for whom the task list is, well, a lot longer. At the moment I'm on

  • Create wedding invite with a celticish design which isn't too girly or boring

  • find a reading about love which Kean (the groom) will approve of

and ignoring the rest, but it can't last. Still, Elle's been waiting to get married since Lady Di's wedding back in the early 80s some time, so I guess she's entitled to a little drama. She'd just got her tiara when I saw her last. "I think it's the prettiest thing I've ever owned!" she said, then stopped to consider. Of course she hasn't got the dress yet. "Except for the ring, of course," and held up the ring, diamond flashing in the evening light (yes, it really does flash) for admiration. "No," she said, "The ring's more wow-factor. The tiara's just pretty." She pulled it out of the boot of her car for me to see. She's going to look very ... Galadriel, I think.


I don't know about you, but I've been without a manager for a while and I've been missing the crushing pain of performance reviews. Well, have the answer: a arandom performance review generator. I quote: "Middle management deserves help, and they can get it from your Web page with this little script."
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