October 22nd, 2002

2020 lack of vision

virtual pet abuse

Fed "Problem Jeremy" into google and had my assumed hyphen translated into a comma: problem, Jeremy?

Todays jobs included some mucking around with maps, so One for Jo -- antique maps of Oxfordshire.

Horrible slog-hole of an afternoon. Again. Tired. Vague. Confused. Came on like a crash, right around two.

NIALL's getting sick of my shit: "Or not beleive that wouldn't need some sort of reference of doing some unimportant little less sense than you like a fluffy head hurts and you think," he says. Hmm. Still around 400 words to go until his tiny head explodes.

My screen spent most of this afternoon flickering pink and greenish, especially when I was looking at the internet. What's with that crap? And when I'm feeling so doooooooown, too. I perked up fine though, just about at 4.40pm. My screen also cleared up at the same time. Maybe IT support is attacking me with rays.

NIALL? "Am dead dog lying in the idea." Well, it was a theory.
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    royskopp - when I was wasting all that time in england