October 29th, 2002

2020 lack of vision

one and a half inches taller

Odd the things you remember and the things you don't. I thought my latest roll from the Holga was stuffed full of pictures of dinosaur bones, but it turned out to be full of more pictures of Lake Louise. It's a pretty enough lake, but honestly, enough is enough.

Missed a good photo-opportunity today; a girl carrying a big standee of Rocky ducked into the Disney shop. She was quite tiny, so all you could see was Sly Stallone's naked torso bobbing about above the Lilo & Stitch slippers, in all its cardboard glory.

On Sunday I was travelling back from my sister's wedding. I got stuck in:
  • Lydney train station, in a concrete busshelter miles from the nearest tea-shop. Brrr!
  • On a track-clearer train, moving down the line at 25 mph looking for obstacles (we had to stop for a tree).
  • In Gloucester train station, for about three hours. At least they had coffee, but something bit me.
  • On another crawler train, this time to Newport.
  • At Newport station, where we finished the Crunchie cake bars.
  • At Didcot Parkway, where we watched the surveillance camera screen, trying to pretend it was modern art.

We finally got back to oxford after 12 hours travelling, though at least we did get back to Oxford. The wedding was ... rather hobbity.

And in the meantime, Will self is an opinionated author, Turkeys were left homeless in Shillington, and Greenpeace want to hoover your floor.

Speaking of which, here comes the man with the hoover. Time to run away.
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