December 2nd, 2002

2020 lack of vision

blah blah antifolk night blah fun blah

So, I went to an antifolk night even though I didn't know at all what antifolk was but I like the Moldy Peaches and some of them were playing, so ... I tried feeding it into google to see what it was but mostly I just got out of it that it was like folk except rude (except I remember my Dad singing rude folk?) and definitely American. But I had a shrewd feeling I'd like it, providing there weren't too many acoustic guitar cliches going on, like I sometimes do like odd modern music without many instruments where you can hear all the words. So I went along and I went early, because music tends to start on time in this town (actually it didn't, but it did sell out, so, vindicated) and even though it was hot and stinky and full of really tall people, it was really good, and really funny. It was a bit like the Beck episode of Futurama and as the night went on, I measured it against that. Funnier/less funny. Funnier won, by about a million miles.

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